«Nimteko» delivers equipment, materials, raw materials and other production for various Belarusian and Russian industrial enterprises, state and municipal organizations and services, retail chain stores. On the territory of RB we are exclusive representatives of several large producers ("Accupack" LTD, "Bectochem Loedige Tehnology", "Fratham Tehnologies", NPF Selena, in Shebekino; LLC Nelidovpressmash; Machine-tool constructing association "Rempressmash"; Ivanovo Textile Company; DSO Moscow plant, etc.).

We have wide experience in:

  • the implementation of import and product sales according to norms and requirements of the Belarusian and Russian legislation;
  • the organization and participation in the program of state procurements and tenders;
  • the realization of product sales by skilled traders at commodity exchanges;
  • the registration and return of the VAT, leveling of course and currency risks, solution of problems on receivables;
  • interaction with state bodies and control, vessels;
  • organizations of logistics and warehousing;

We have a certificate of the supplier of a quality management system of ISO 9001-2011.

Our specialization:

  • supply of the enterprises of the CIS (supplies of equipment, raw materials, accessories, etc.)

Our main segments:

  • oil processing enterprises
  • energetics
  • pharmaceutics
  • enterprises of mining industry
  • enterprises of chemical branch
  • machine-building, metalworking enterprises
  • construction and road-building organizations
  • public utilities
  • budgetary organizations

Our clients include: Belaruskali, Belneftekhim, Mozyr Oil Refinery, Naftan, Borisov Medical Plant, Belmedpreparaty, Belarusian Steel Works, Grodno Azot, Belenergosnabkomplekt, Brestgazoapparat, Belshina, Minskmetrostroy, Gomel Glass Plant, Belavtodor, Mapid and other companies (over one thousand).


Yours faithfully, founder of LLC «Nimteko»        Chukhnov Maxim Evgenyevich.